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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Certainly this time of year the word resolution comes in to play. I decided to definitively look up the definition in my dictionary (yes, I admit I am technologically challenged and therefore use a dictionary- SORRY!).

So, the definition of resolution- a formal expression of opinion of intention made- Act of determining upon an action, course of action, method or procedure. 

So as New Years approaches and the new year begins, let's all resolve:
- Call your mom more
- Be patient with your kids
- Love your wife/husband more
- Exercise more
- Make better food choices
- Get more sleep
- Laugh more
- Look out for the "other guy or gal" more
- Appreciate things more
- A personal resolution- To lose weight more- I resolved to lose weight in 2016- I think I lost 4 and a half ounces! More to come in 2017, just wait!
- Etc., etc. etc. 

As always, we will be here for your health needs in 2017 to give you all incredible chiropractic care. It is a privilege and an honor.

Please be safe. Lots of happiness to you and yours in the New Year. 

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Health

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