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Friday, October 9, 2020

Oh, By the way-Dr. Ray is a degenerate?

 In reality, Dr. Ray isn't really a degenerate but his body has acquired degenerative issues. It certainly isn't unusual for a human body to degenerate, although this may sound unpleasing it really is the bodies reaction to wear and tear and living life. Joints get over worked and underpaid and start to wither away.
It is what happens on Earth...If we lived on the moon we wouldn't have to deal with it because gravity could take away the pain and strain of the issues we live with sometimes.

But...we do live on Earth so we have to deal with wear and tear, Covid issues and other unfortunate things. So Dr. Rays left hip withered away over time to the point where thankfully hip replacement is a procedure that is done these days to a large degree and in a successful manor.

So starting Saturday, October 10th. Dr. Ray will be getting surgery and healing up while out of the office for some time. We will certainly call everyon
e when he is ready to be back and start adjusting again. If anyone needs to be adjusted during this time, call the office and we will get you in touch with another Chiropractor in the area as he is on call to help/assist during this time. 
Have a sweet Halloween and we will be in touch.
Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff