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Friday, June 16, 2017

Stop with the Last Resort!!!

Over the course of my chiropractic career I have stories and stories and stories (did I say I have stories?) about people that come into my office and use chiropractic as a "Last Resort."

As an example, of which I have many, a nice woman came into my office last week complaining about neck pain and arm pain that she has had for years. She has been to her primary care doc. She has been to an orthopedist. She has been to a neurologist. She has had X-Ray's. She has had an MRI. All of these tests were essentially negative...

The reason for that is because thankfully the major, major, major (did I say major) % of people that have spinal issues is due to "The repetition of life, the repeated movements of everyday living, and fortunately those are by far the major causes of human issues with spinal problems- THAT IS A FACT!"

So, I implore all of you to not use chiropractic as a last resort but as the first line of healing help. Of course their are situations: if you fell down stairs and fractured something go get X-Ray's first, if you have outrageous headaches and you can't see or hear go to your family doctor first. But as I said, those are few and far between. If you use chiropractic as a first resort, there is absolutely no doubt you will get better quicker and in more of a timely fashion as well as spending loads less money and get back to the quality of life that you all deserve.

Don't ever hesitate to give the office a call with questions.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff