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Monday, May 16, 2016

"Ray's Anatomy"

Most people- educated people or people in the know if asked really aren't quite sure where our first vertebra is. Often when I ask patients, "Point with your index finger along the side of your neck where you think your first vertebra is", most point in the low point of the neck not far from the little bump we all have at the base of our neck. Believe me, if that is where our first vertebra is we would be in serious trouble my friends. 

So, you may ask where the heck then is the first vertebra? If you lift up your little earlobe and point your finger just behind your earlobe against the base of your skull, believe it or not that is where the first vertebra is. The reason it is there and always has been there is because we all have a little hole in the base of our skull. Through that little hole goes the brain stem and once the brain stem peaks through that little hole the spinal cord is created. Once that brain stem becomes our spinal cord that is where the first vertebra must be to protect our spinal cord since that and the brain consist of our central nervous system. 

Always remember and never forget my friends that the central nervous system is the main computer of the human body and must be protected by bone. Those bones are the skull for the brain and the vertebra for our spinal cord. Chiropractic deals with those vertebrae and the effect that their functioning has on the amazing human body. 

So go forth and take care of yourselves. We are here for your always. 

Yours in good health, 
Dr. Ray and staff