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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Don't forget about YOU...

We certainly hope all of you are staying healthy and smart during this on going Covid time. It's like life stopped for everybody in early March and thank goodness our lives are getting back to some sort of new normalcy. 

So this is just to remind everyone that if you had tests scheduled for yourselves in March, April, May, June or July of this year to please not forget about them.

1- That mammogram you set up-make sure to reschedule

2-The colonoscopy that you were so looking forward to having,-make sure to get it back on the books

3- The dermatological exam you booked in-make sure to get it back on your calendar

4- If you have not had a good eye check up, OPEN YOUR EYES AND GET IT BACK ON YOUR RADAR

It is so pathetically easy to forget about yourself as you try to take care of everyone else during these historic times. So get the ball rolling and take care of yourself!

Of course, don't forget to call, email or message Resnick Chiropractic to get your body adjusted. We are here to help...

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff