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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hope your spring is going well, although it has been a little brisk in Chester County. So to review, lets talk:
From our everyday activities-bending, lifting, twisting, turning, breathing, belching, fooling around, etc.-our joints take a pounding. Our discs between our vertebrae are absorbing all of these forces; so its time to GET ADJUSTED
We are planting and mulching, mowing and raking, re-planting and pruning. How much can our body take? IT'S TIME TO GET ADJUSTED.
We are picking up our kids, vacuuming, schlepping, being weekend warriors, driving more in nicer weather, siting at our jobs all day; IT'S TIME TO GET ADJUSTED.
So, whether your writhing in pain or a little achy and stiff from all of the above...IT'S TIME TO GET ADJUSTED.

Give us a call, we will see you soon!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff