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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Labours Effect our Bodies...

First of all, I can't possibly believe Labor Day weekend is upon us. Is the summer really over or am I dreaming? I hope the summer was fun and safe for you and all of your families. 

Just to remind ya'll that as I've said in the past, our daily activities/things we do repeatedly day after day are the number one causes of our spinal difficulties. It has been that way for 1,000's of years. So just to remind you:

1- If your job is sitting at a desk all day, check your ergonomics- make sure you sit up straight, make sure your work station is properly set up for maximizing posture, don't sit for more then 45 minutes, get up and stretch, etc.
2- If you are a laborer and work in construction/contracting/etc. make sure you wear knee pads when working with equipment, use a step stool for less strain on the back.
3- If you are a business man/woman and travel a lot- stop and stretch when you can, bring a pillow on flights to cause less strain on your neck.
4- If you are a housewife/house husband, remember to use your knees when bending no matter how much something weighs. If you are cleaning your house make sure you break it up to not do one thing for too long of a time.

This is just a friendly reminder to re-iterate to think of these things during our daily work. Our work and the repetition of it is a major factor for spinal issues. Again, have a joyous and safe Labor Day and best of luck with going back to school for everyone. 

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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