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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Play Ball!

The reason this time of year is so terrific is because it is "Renewal Time" Spring is here, flowers blooming, winter leaving, Flyers are back in the playoffs, Nova are the champs and of course the baseball season begins. 

Nothing epitomizes the renewal of Spring more than the beginning of baseball season because everyone starts out fresh and everybody has the possibility of becoming World Series Champs. 

So why don't we all take advantage of this time of year and as the Phillies are chugging along why don't we take our bodies and do some things that perhaps we wanted to but have not done yet or perhaps we started to do and dropped the ball.

Pick up the ball and get that exercise regime started. Watch what you put in your mouth and make good choices with your diet. Go to whatever doctors you need to go to for check-ups and just take advantage of the renewal going on around you. Of course, why not include chiropractic as part of that regime. We are here for you to answer any questions any time. Please don't forget any new patients can come in and get a free consultation with Dr. Ray. Go Phillies, go Flyers and congrats to Villanova again!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff