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Friday, September 23, 2016

Raise Awareness of Tech-Neck...

Whether it's at your work station, handheld devices, multitude of different tablets or your lap top computer; they all contribute to all of us needing to hold our heads flexed and leaning forward. As you continue to have the head in those positions, flexed and forward, it places the cervical spine in a weakened position and posture.

These constant and daily positions day after day can absolutely cause muscle strain, disk weaknesses, shoulder and upper spinal dysfunction and postural issues.

So I implore you all to do the following:
- Get a chair with a head rest and while you are sitting keep your head against the headrest
- Check and continue to check your ergonomics (placement of everything at your work station)
- Keep changing your position at your work station
- Have something to help remind you to change position whether it is an alarm on your phone/computer or a note on your desk or a chochkey around. Something to help remind you to get up and change your position every 20 minutes or so
- Run, don't walk, to the chiropractor if you notice that you are having prolonged neck pain, tingling in arms, shoulder or upper back discomfort and tightness

These are important pointers since we all spend too much time with our devices and in front of our computers.
Have a safe beginning of Fall (if you can believe it is Fall!).

Yours in good health,
Dr. Ray and Staff

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