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Friday, July 1, 2016

Be Safe on the 4th!

All of us here at Resnick Chiropractic just want to wish all of you a safe and pleasant 4th of July weekend.
As always, we are here for you for all of your chiropractic needs, questions or concerns. Don't hesitate to give the office a call. We will be here Friday and Saturday of the holiday weekend.

Please keep a close eye on the kids with the fireworks and sparklers going off. People get hurt every year so keep a watchful eye on youngsters. Oh by the way, adults do stupid things also (please see JPP of the New York Football Giants). Everyone watch what you are doing and if you are doing any kind of fireworks keep an eye out for everything. 

Please always remember and never forget- if you have a Fifth on the Fourth, you may not be able to go Fourth on the Fifth...

Yours in good health and God Bless America,

                                      Dr. Ray and Staff

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