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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Poor Olde Santa's Bones

I was just thinking how abused Santa's body must feel this time of year. Think about it: he's checking lists twice, he's walking up and down the toy factories in the North Pole making sure all is on schedule, he is going up and down chimneys squeezing through all shapes and sizes, and he has to ride around in that uncomfortable sleigh for hours and hours at a time- its exhausting I'm sure.

Imagine how he feels- his tight rigid muscles clamoring for the chiropractor. Aching legs needing to be kneaded.

But no...He doesn't go get adjusted because he is too busy taking care of "everyone else." 

If that is not something I've heard a million times: everyone is so busy doing everything else for everyone else they forget to tend to their needs and end up living with their problems.

So lets all try not to be like Santa and find the time to take care of our chronic spinal issues. The point is that most of the time you don't have to end up living with it if you just give chiropractic a chance. 

Have a safe and glorious holiday with your family and friends. 

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staffa

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