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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rejuvenation and Mother Nature

I walked outside of my house a few days ago and I was looking at our Pachysandra and it stopped me in my tracks. I was remembering how pathetic they looked as this past winter wore on. They really looked like they were dead and just never going to come back. But, their is this incredible force that we don't see and whether it's a universal being or mother nature- the Pachysandra came back and looked great. UNBELIEVABLE. 

And yet, their they are. In full bloom and looking grand. This invisible force that I am talking about also keeps our bodies going- non stop heart beating, new cells formed every few months, kidneys and liver working...they just keep on rejuvenating themselves to a degree. The innate wisdom of the body is mind boggling. 

As a chiropractor we always are in tune with this wisdom of the body: adjusting the spine and helping the bio-mechanics helps the innate wisdom of the body to function at a higher level. This is something that all of us take for granted but this miracle is a daily phenomenon in all of Gods creatures. 

So, take a few minutes today to contemplate the wonders of your human body. Please allow chiropractic to assist in the wonder. It is a blessing to deliver this to you all. Keep on enjoying the summer!

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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