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Monday, October 27, 2014

Treat or Treat

As October 31st approaches, I believe it is a good time to remind everybody to treat or bodies nicely and to treat our bodies to the tests that we should do for preventative care. Therefore I say:

1- Make sure you get to the dentist at least once a year for checkup and exam (twice a year cleaning is smartest, its worth the $)
2- Colonoscopy- with no family history and no problems, please have it done by 50 years of age. Any history in the family, don't wait and get to a doctor
3- Men please treat yourself to a prostate exam: very important and smart to do
4- Gals treat yourself to a mammogram: you'd be surprised how many women never have had an exam or it has been years since they had an exam
5- Everyone: treat yourself to getting your blood taken- check cholesterol, liver, sugar, etc. etc. 
6- And of course it goes without saying....Treat yourself to a terrific chiropractic adjustment and assessment- our spines need to be maintained

So have a safe Halloween, take care of the kids, and have a Baby Ruth on me (my favorite candy). 

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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