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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OH!--Those Aching Hands and Feet

It goes without saying how incredibly amazing, and super-fantastic chiropractic is for our spinal problems. That's because the major majority of neck/back/pelvic issues are caused by every day life (activities of daily living). So, manipulative therapy (chiropractic) is great for those problems! 

Our hands and feet are made up of (like the spine) many bones which create many joints. In everyday life these hands and feet get abused and many of the aches and pains we get in our hands and feet are caused by mechanical dysfunction. 

Therefore I say to those of you who have chronic or acute pain- run to the chiropractor. Give us a call or email. Using gentle extremity techniques, chiropractic really does an incredible job on hand and foot problems. I have seen over the years so many people benefit from the hands on approach to hand and foot pain. 

As usual, we are here to help. Enjoy the last few weeks of winter- THANK GOD!!!

Yours in good health, 

Dr. Ray and Staff

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