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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Winter of our Discontent

This winter of 2014 continues to be a pain in the A--! Just received power in my house-I hope you all get back your power as soon as possible. Walking around can be so dangerous! I implore all of you to watch your step, walk carefully, even get out of your cars slowly. (One of our patients stepped out of his car, slipped, and tore his ACL from twisting the knee so badly) Be Careful!

Every step needs to be done with caution. Of course, if you twist or strain anything please give us a call so we can check it out. If it is an injury that I think needs an orthopedic opinion, I will give you names of great doctors in the area.

Safety is so important. Please drive carefully and slowly (I keep on telling my son to keep good distance between cars).

It really is very dangerous and I want everyone to stay healthy.

We will talk to you soon!

Yours in good health, 

Dr. Ray and Staff

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