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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Backpack Reminder from Dr. Ray

Dis-fucntion to the vertebral column comes in many ways. Some apparent, some disguised. Even though young spines are more durable than "ours" they still can be affected by daily activities. One of these that has been more of a problem in recent years is the ridiculous weight of our childrens backpacks. In recent years, it's been shown that these backpacks can create wear and tear problems to the joints and the soft tissue while our kids have them on their bodies. They can also have a later effect on their posture when they don't have them on. SO JUST A REMINDER PARENTS: please check your young child's backpacks to make sure they are not to heavy and remind the older kids to bring home the books that are only needed on a daily basis. I have seen more problems with child's spines in the past 10 years than ever before. Always a pleasure and of course yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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